Who We are?

Sham & Jazzy was established in 2002 with a unique philosophy to revive the country’s cultural heritage and made affordable wear, the popular wear, and easy to get for the people of Pakistan.

Sham & Jazzy is a brand of two energetic and highly motivated brothers, Ehtisham ul Haq and Ahamed Jahanzaib. Who’s goal is affordable and premium clothing for Pakistan.

We pride ourselves on being a complete and high quality clothing, travel bags, leather wallets and bags for both Men & Women that suit the season.

Our clothing line reflects current fashion trends with modest detailing. Designs are inspired from Renaissance, Aztec, Fusion, Arabian and other aesthetics.

From the humble beginnings of a brand that believed in being Soully East, we have moved forward with more decorative touches to our portfolio and have strung together a loyal base of customers all over the world.